Japan Visual Copyright Association




Since its inception, JVCA has worked tirelessly to protect the copyright and establish rules on the use of copyrighted material.

The road to the current copyright structure has not been easy but we have come this far with support of members of copyright owners, for example at numerous copyright infringement trials.

Past activities relating to respect for copyright by our association members had a great influence on teaching material publishers, tutorial schools, preparatory schools, and changed the consciousness of secondary use of subsequent works. In fact, compared to the past, the number of users who follow the rules and take appropriate procedures has increased dramatically in recent years.

However, while the number of users who observe the rules has increase, there are still many who use without copyright permission. In addition, with the spread of new electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., illegal activities such as duplication, unauthorized use, and transfer become easier than before, we need to respond with flexibility to new types of use.

Under these circumstances, our association has been strengthening its monitoring for malicious use, and has been constantly acquiring new information and managing more thoroughly in order to respond flexibly to an ever-changing.

Our philosophy is “to protect and nurture copyright.”

Establishing appropriate rules in the secondary use of copyrighted work protects the rights of the copyright owners and the value of the copyrighted works. I also help foster expressive activities by creating an environment in which users can smoothly use secondary use. This is contribution to the development of culture and industry and this is the aim of our association.

JVCA will henceforth continue to do business on behalf of copyright holders. We look forward to your interest in our activities.